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Partnership Program

Welcome to the Learn With Legends Partnership program

The Solution to Many Issues!

Large corporations, through their practices of tax evasion and accumulating vast amounts of wealth, are creating significant challenges for small business owners, hindering their ability to compete in the market and maintain control over a substantial customer base.

These corporations often exploit various loopholes and offshore tax havens, enabling them to minimize their tax burden and accumulate extensive wealth. By doing so, they have a significant financial advantage over small businesses, as they can allocate these funds towards aggressive marketing campaigns, innovative research and development, and strengthening their influence within the market.

The impact of tax evasion by large corporations extends beyond their financial advantage; it profoundly affects small businesses and their ability to survive and thrive. Due to limited resources, small business owners face higher tax burdens and lack the means to access the same tax shelters utilized by their larger counterparts. As a result, they bear a disproportionate share of the tax burden, which places them at a competitive disadvantage in terms of pricing and overall profitability.

Moreover, the dominance of these large corporations in the marketplace creates an imbalance in the customer base. Their significant market share and financial power allow them to attract and retain a majority of the customers, leaving small businesses struggling to gain visibility and reach their target audience. This domination further fuels an unfair competition dynamic that inhibits the growth and success of small businesses, thereby limiting their potential contribution to the economy.

Governments will not address the issue of tax evasion by implementing tighter regulations and closing tax loopholes, as their preferred parties benefit from many millions of $ to help rig campaigns and elections in favor of keeping control, allowing them to demonize opposing candidates and alter mainstream media in their favor, the solution... Learn with Legends!


By creating a level playing field, small business owners would have a fair opportunity to compete against large corporations, fostering innovation, diversity, and economic growth. Additionally, joining the learn with legends partnership program, the learn with legends members become your large consumer base of support

How this works

Personal page in our basic area: Through enrollment in our partnership program, your business will gain a prominent presence on the dedicated Learn with Legends website. A personalized page will be created, showcasing your unique training materials and guidance. This platform will serve as a valuable resource for our members, offering insights and strategies to support and elevate your business.

By leveraging this opportunity, your business will benefit from increased exposure and support. Our members, acting as a motivated sales force, will engage with your brand through purchases and sharing, effectively amplifying your reach. Unlike other advertising platforms, our dedication to helping your business succeed sets us apart, providing unrivaled commitment and assistance.

While alternative advertising avenues exist, none possess the level of dedication and comprehensive support that our platform offers. By joining our partnership program, you harness the collective potential of a community of eager learners and enthusiasts, actively promoting your business. This army of virtual salespeople will effectively handle your advertisement needs, presenting an invaluable opportunity for exponential growth and success.

Embrace the unparalleled benefits of our partnership program, and witness your business soar to new heights. Together, we will foster an environment where your business thrives, making crucial connections, and unforgettable impact.

Partnership Structure: Our partnership program is structured to ensure that our fees are aligned with the financials of your business, minimizing any strain on your budget. We offer 12-month contracts, which are based on a predicted profit projection of your business. Monthly payments will be required, and we kindly ask you to share your financial reports with us on a quarterly basis. This allows us to assess the progress of your business and make any necessary adjustments to the contract, such as raising or lowering the price accordingly.

However, it is important to emphasize that failure to fulfill your commitments outlined in the contract will result in termination of the agreement. In such cases, your business will be removed from our website, and a notification will be sent to all our members, informing them of the change in your partnership status.

Now, let's discuss the specific fee structure:

  • For local offline businesses, we typically charge approximately 10% of your annual profit, payable in monthly installments. This ensures that the fee remains proportional to your business's performance.

  • For local online businesses, the fee is slightly higher at around 20% of your annual profit, also payable in monthly installments. This fee reflects the unique demands and opportunities associated with online businesses.

  • For worldwide offline businesses, we assess a fee of approximately 30% of your annual profit, paid in monthly installments. This takes into consideration the broader reach and potential customer base that comes with operating on a global scale.

  • For worldwide online businesses, the fee amounts to approximately 40% of your annual profit, payable in monthly installments. This fee accounts for the significant advantages and expanded market potential associated with online business models.

Please note that the profit considered for calculation purposes will exclude expenses related to asset purchases and other potential tax write-offs that may not be essential to the business operations. Our aim is to promote integrity and transparency, counteracting any potential corrupt practices rather than enabling them.

Our Service is also an advertisement expense and is tax deductible!

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