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Online Income is now a "PROBABLE" future
with this
"NEVER" done before platform!

You "WILL" earn every single month once you verify your account!

learn with legends gold-01.png

Currently, 100s are earning in pre-launch and you can too...  Join here

Pool / Value Per person

Automatically upon joining this platform, you are placed in a 2 by 16 forced matrix. As revenue is added into our monthly pools it is then divided by the total members and shared according to your position in the matrix. A verified member gets 20% of the value per person and 5% of the value per person for anyone that is placed beneath them in the matrix this goes down 16 levels or when your earnings have reached it's max amount, whatever comes first

Free members can earn up to a maximum of $20 per month

Premium Members can earn up to a maximum of $5000 per month 

Revenue Distribution 

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