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The Legend Projects

Built by the People for the People

Pedestrain Bridge

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Full Video Presentation of our Projects

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TLP Token is tied to your favorite safe haven assets through (1).png
TLP’s Biggest Weapon (1).png
The People Bank (1).png
Liquidity Providers of TLP are the future millionaires.png
TLP Supporters.png
TLP is a Payment Method.png
Thank you (1).png
Small Minds will take Small Profits.png
TLPAlgo (1).png
TLP was Built on algorand.png

Community Liquidity

With TLP the creator wallet always locks the liquidity until year 7777, this creates security and increases the chances of adoption, but we also encourage our supporters to add liquidity by pairing our token with other projects, this helps the whole of the Alogrand Blockchain and allows our supporters to earn extra income from fees.

The videos below are designed to give our liquidity providers a better understanding on other projects that they may with to pair with TLP

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