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The Legend Projects

Built by the People for the People

Country Road


January 2023

Launched coin

Tradable on Humble swap

Tradable on Tinyman

Page 10 on Vestige

Verified on AlgoExplorer


March  2023

Page 4 on Vestige

Verified on Pera Wallet


May  2023

Page 2 on Vestige

Over $20,000 Locked Liquidity

Over $1Million Marketcap


January-July 2024

Team, by January  2024, we hope to have high enough patreon supporters due to our coins adoption to be able to build a great on-ground team for the platform LWL (Learn With Legends)

This team will be responsible for assisting with the management of all other companies that choose to partner with LWL

Creating more platforms, and businesses to bring in even more profits

Most of LWL members will have by this time chosen to use our coin as their preferred payment method inside the LWL platforms, as the platform grows this coin grows

February  2023

Page 7 on Vestige

Tradable on Pact

Over $10,000 in Liquidity


April  2023

Page 3 on Vestige

Over $25,000 in Liquidity

400 Million Coins Locked


July - December 2023

To increase adoption, our coin (TLP the Legend Projects) is the driving force of many platforms that are built by the people for the people, known as the legends projects.

In July we will be adding our coin as a payment method on all of our platforms, this will incentive our current consumer base and network to create a wallet and use our coins.

After our coin is added onto our platforms we will then be leveraging our use case and now high liquidity to get listed on more well-known exchanges and platforms, i.e Coinmarketcap, Binance and Coinbase  

July - December 2024

A $1 or more coin price, is an ambitious goal but it is one that together we can achieve!

To ensure those that help us to achieve the previous year and a half goals receive a great return we plan and will be working towards a $1 per coin price by the end of two years, we plan to reach this with over 100 million in circulation giving us over a $100 million market cap

Nothing in this road map can be guaranteed they are just personal milestones that we can all work towards together, because with any of the legends projects...

We Rise Together

Total Coin Supply

There is a total of 1 billion coins in total supply, there will be a 100million coins burned every 6 months until this amount reaches 500 million coins supply.

Once our total coin supply has a total of 500 million,  we will re-calculate personal predictions and goals to begin burning A new amount of coins every six months until the total supply is in circulation.

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