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Built by the people for the people.

Come for the gains, stay for the impact!

People Projects

We needed a crypto token that does not have mainstream attention and whales manipulating the markets. The problem was, there is none... the only solution was Create One!

We could have used a stable coin for this, but we chose not to so that the early supporters of the projects are able to buy coins at a low price and grow their portfolios as we developed our projects and increase adoption.


Our Coin Is Unique

Our coin is not designed to raise money, rather it is just a way to gain attention to our projects and will become a payment method for our projects. We do not take profits or liquidity from our coins, you put it there so it is yours, to help us develop the projects that accept our coin as a payment method, increasing the use case and adoption, please join our patreon for just $2 per month, because when the people work together, magic happens

Use Case

An easy, low-fee quick Payment Method for New and existing companies that wish to use.

Current and future list of companies that use our coin as a payment method:

  • Learn With Legends TLP is a preferred withdrawal method on the platform Learn with legends. Learn with legends is an all in one online services platform that shares it's revenue with their members                                   

  • Viiral Legends TLP is accepted on the Viiral Legends social media platform. Viiral Legends platform is like an Instagram mixed with Linktree

If you have a business, use our coin and get listed here!

Collaborating at Work


You can store your coins on this easy-to-use digital wallet

Click here and download pera wallet, our token ID is: 987374809

Digital wallet on phone

Track Transactions 

When crypto tokens are created you can see all wallets that hold and transfer, even though the mainstream will like you to think otherwise, crypto has the technology in place to be very transparent.

Below are some places where you are able to see all holders and transfers from the time of the creation of our coin up until the present moment.

Drinking in Luxury Car

Price Tracking

You can keep track of the current price of our coin on Vestige


Simply click here 

We are constantly working on our coin to insure we get listed on many exchanges

We plan to be listed on Coinmarketcap mid to late 2023

Financial Report

Buy & Sell

You can buy or sell our tokens on these exchanges, the most popular pair is currently TLP/USDT.

Tinyman Exchange

To buy Click here

To sell Click here

HumbleSwap ExchangeClick Here

Pact Exchange: Click Here

Stocks and Trading Screen


We have created our coin on the Algorand blockchain, similar to the more well-known blockchains.

We believe our project will in time impact the Algorand Blockchain in a great way.

You can purchase Algorand on Coinspot

Saving coins
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