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Built by the people for the people.

Come for the gains, stay for the impact!

The Peoples Projects

We needed a crypto token that does not have mainstream attention and whales manipulating the markets. The problem was, there is none... the only solution was Create One!

We could have used a stable coin for this, but we chose not to so that the early supporters of the projects are able to buy coins at a low price and grow their portfolios as we developed our projects and increase adoption.


Use Case

learn with legends gold-01.png

Learn With Legends TLP is the main payment method on the platform Learn with Legends. Learn with Legends is an all-in-one online services platform that shares its revenue with their members              


Learn With Legends official wallet: 


Stock Exchange

Price Tracking

You can keep track of the current price of our coin on Vestige


Simply click here 

Buy & Sell

You can buy or sell our tokens on these exchanges

Tinyman Exchange: Click here

HumbleSwap Exchange: Click HerePact Exchange: Click Here


You can store your coins on this easy-to-use digital wallet

Click here and download pera wallet, our token ID is: 987374809


We have created our coin on the Algorand blockchain, for speed and low fees

We believe our project will in time impact the Algorand Blockchain in a great way.​

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